Our computerized numerical control machines with vertical and horizontal blades allow for complex shaping according to customer drawings. This type of processing gives us fast cutting, maximum precision on the contours and details and great versatility.
Indeed, cutting represents a crucial phase of our work: it must guarantee the greatest possible accuracy to offer a functional but also aesthetically pleasing result. This is why our technology is based only on the smooth blade cut, the only one able to guarantee perfection and practicality, avoiding the side effects of other types of cuts as water cut (that risks wetting the material but especially the adhesive) or laser cut (that can burn or damage the material).
Another kind of safe cut is the press which allows to obtain a clean and precise through-cut of complex shapes (avoiding the entry/exit cut of the blade) by means of punches built according to the customer’s drawing.


We are equipped with 9 manual gluing stations to carry out the assembly of components through the use of water-based spray adhesives, moreover our specialized staff carry out finishes and packaging with precision and care. This autonomy allows us to carry out work on behalf of third parties with the possibility to work in Kanban, too.


We believe and invest heavily in the satisfaction of our customer, but above all we believe in teamworking. Because of this, an indispensable part of our work is the consultancy service we offer by participating in the choice of the most suitable product to be used and to the building of the drawing project itself.


Another of our strenghts is the presence of own means of transport used to carry out the delivery service.